How it all started

My oldest friend

There she was, leaning against the wall all by herself. I don't remember why she was there, my cousin didn't play the guitar.  At the very moment I held her in my arms, I felt a strong connection and there is no other way to explain the feeling except to say I felt as complete as a pre-teen could feel.  I had to learn to play this instrument.  But my parents, being the avid Lawrence Welk fans that they were, had a different plan for me, the accordion.
Spoiler alert:  I wish I had kept up with it.  

After I pretty much made it crystal clear to my parents that the accordion wasn't for me, I decided to save my lunch money to buy a real guitar.  Not the sort that you get at Tijuana, Mexico for $5 (yeah, my dad tried that once), but a real guitar.  In fact I still have her today, she's my oldest friend.   She's the sort of friend who patiently waits for me to  tell her my deepest secrets, my hopes and my fears and doesn’t mind when I play her or pull her strings... after all these years...

But even before that chapter in my life started, singing was my favorite thing to do.  I would sit in front of the stereo for hours on end studying Olivia Newton-John and the singers of ABBA, the dragons I chase when I sing. There was something about their tone, their control that just
mesmerized me and attracted my attention.

I think it was my 4th grade year when my school hosted a talent show.  This was the year Nadia Comaneci, the darling gymnast  of the 1976 Summer Olympics scored a perfect 10. She was so loved, an instrumental song written just for her called "Nadia's Theme" was always playing on the radio .  Naturally I had my mom buy it, and on the other side of the single was the song "Down the Line" so I decided to write lyrics to it and sing it for the talent show. Another girl in the class wanted to sing with me although she ended up bowing out, but that didn't stop me, I went  ahead with the plan of performing in front of my school all by my self.  

And that's how it all got started...