The Convenience of Ambiguity: Is it Religion or Philosophy?

The way I see it, religious belief is a get out of jail card when used to discriminate against people, and sadly religion depends on ambiguity in order to remain relevant in today’s world.  Ambiguity can also be an excuse…

What's the difference between religious belief and an opinion?

I recently became aware of something very troubling about religious exemptions.  The following is true in Idaho; "According to state law, parents can substitute prayer as a form of treatment. The religious exemption covers manslaughter, capital murder and negligent

Would you feel comfortable giving a drunk the keys to their car?

If a religious institution requires it’s members to disregard or harass those who do not belong to that institution, wouldn’t that alone render this particular religious establishment discriminatory and or abusive by it’s very nature? 

It is He who sent

​Why I think religion is dangerously toxic.

On November 9, 2014 Travis and Wenona Rossiter were convicted of manslaughter for not giving their 12 yr old daughter, Syble Rossiter, insulin in hopes that God would heal her.
They used a passage in the New Testament to justify…

Free at last; My Journey...

Free at Last is dedicated to those who find themselves locked by the chains of shame, guilt, fear and lies due to religious beliefs or societies unwarranted biases.  

As children we rely on our parents for guidance and unfortunately some…